Here are a few screenshots from the SxDL engine. They have been captured from the demos bundled with the SxDL source code. You may look at those demos for further information.

Snake demo screenshot From Snake demo: This code sample is a fully playable clone of the classic "snake" game. It demonstrates usage of 2.5D tilemaps and isometric rendering, the fake 3D rendering style used in Diablo, AOE, SimCity and many more well-known games.
Bounce demo screenshot From Bounce demo: This is a Pong/Break-out/Arkanoid remake with some additional twists: multiple balls and falling bricks. Demonstrates basic physics (gravitation and of course bouncing!), collisions and mouse input.
Pacman demo screenshot From Pacman Demo: This is the most advanced sample and beginners should probably start with something simpler. This a fully playable demo with many mazes and difficulty levels. Demonstrates how to use tilemaps, colliders and particles effects. Also uses custom menus and notifications. (Very Cool) Graphics contributed by Alexis Pautrot.
Vexed: Coming soon ! From Vexed Demo: This is a complete Object Oriented rewrite for SxDL of the famous game made for the Palm by James McCombe. All the original 60 levels are there! Comes Fully Loaded: Undo moves, drags, clicks, navigate through levels, particles effects. Worth a download just for the fun of playing it, even if you don't even look at the source code!
Fireworks demo screenshot From Fireworks Demo: SxDL unleashes here great and easy to code particles effects: Gigantic explosions using Animated Sprites, aka CMovieSprites in SxDL.
Pastels demo screenshot From Pastels Demo: A very slick and also very "romantic" music demo but somewhat a tad complicated with intensive use of timers and random numbers. Features the unique music sampling capabilities of SxDL. This is a must-download for all demo-makers. Requires a GF3 or better. ( 25 fps only on GF2MX. ) Made for Cynthia, and now part of the SxDL distribution: She's very cool...
Spinning Sprites demo screenshot From Spinning Sprites Demo: The very first program ever made for SxDL, it is more a kind of proof of concept and a very useful regression test application than a demo. Its simple and robust code is also very useful for beginners.
Starshooter demo screenshot From Starshooter Demo: Unfinished. Was started to demonstrate collisions, particles effects and steering behaviors. Will evolve soon to 3D. This code is unfinished but is part of the distribution because it demonstrates application architecture and proved to be helpful "as is" for a number of people.
Bomber demo screenshot From Bomber Demo: The very first user contributed game, thanks Adbel. When this mini-game was written, tilemaps were not present in SxDL so this code is not taking advantage of them.
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